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White-collar crimes, often called financial crimes, cover a wide range of offenses, most of which deal with money and property. These crimes typically involve funds or assets illegally obtained through fraud. They can range from small theft crimes to major large-scale fraud offenses involving victims across many states. 

What these crimes have in common is that they all include allegations of deceit or breach of trust. They are often committed by those with access to or who are in charge of funds, such as accountants, investment counselors, CEOs, and others in sensitive positions. While almost always non-violent, the penalties for these crimes can be just as severe as those of a violent nature. They should always be taken seriously by bringing in competent criminal defense representation.

If you are accused of any type of white-collar crime at the state or federal level, your future may be jeopardized. You may be subject to intensive investigation by law enforcement agencies. These are often sophisticated and complicated matters, involving the complex interactions of laws, regulations, technology, and practical knowledge. You cannot trust your defense to just any lawyer.

At The Criminal Law Center, our Martinsburg white-collar crime lawyers have the sophisticated knowledge and extensive experience needed to fully protect your rights at every stage of your criminal case. We understand the complexities of investigating, researching, and analyzing these cases on your behalf. Our firm relies on trusted professional investigators, including forensic experts, working on your behalf in these matters. 

Our team is always prepared to help you fight for the best possible outcome.

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White Collar Crime Cases in West Virginia

Common types of white-collar crime can include but are not limited to:

  • Embezzlement: Misappropriating funds that have been entrusted to your care.
  • Fraud: Deceiving someone for personal or financial gain; fraud can be committed against persons, groups, businesses, or government agencies.
  • Cybercrime: Using cyber technology to commit fraudulent activities.
  • Identity Theft: Illegally using someone else's personal information, typically for financial gain.
  • Insider Trading: Buying or selling stocks based on non-public material information about the stock.
  • Petty Cash Theft: Stealing small amounts of money from a business's petty cash fund, which is set aside for minor expenses.
  • Money Laundering: The process of making illegally-gained proceeds appear legal by disguising the true origin of the funds through a complex sequence of banking and bookkeeping maneuvers.
  • Ponzi Schemes: A fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors where generated returns for older investors are actually paid out from funds contributed by new investors.

In West Virginia, many white-collar crimes are considered felonies, which carry more severe penalties than misdemeanors. The exact penalties depend on the nature and severity of the crime, but they can include hefty fines, restitution to alleged victims, probation, and even imprisonment.

Federal White Collar Crimes

At the federal level, white-collar crimes can be prosecuted under various laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for corporate fraud, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for cybercrimes, and the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act for identity theft. Federal penalties can be even more severe than state penalties, including longer prison sentences and larger fines.

The FBI is a federal law enforcement agency dedicated to investigating and prosecuting white-collar crimes. This agency may spend months or even years investigating those suspected of fraud and other white-collar crimes through a specialized program devoted to these cases. The program focuses on analyzing intelligence and solving complex cases, often with connections to organized crime. The FBI works closely with other law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies to identify and prosecute these crimes. 

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Why Choose The Criminal Law Center?

Because of the sophistication and complexity associated with white-collar crimes, whether at the state or federal level, it is crucial to put a proven trial lawyer on your side. Our attorneys understand the complications involved and how to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding allegations of this nature. 

We can help you navigate these complexities and explain them to you in understandable terms. Our team will examine all the facts of your case, identify flaws in the prosecution’s evidence, and develop a strategy to challenge the charges. Should your case go to trial, our skilled litigators can present your defense effectively, cross-examine witnesses, and argue on your behalf before judges and juries. 

We have a strong track record in defending clients accused of all types of criminal charges, including those of an intricate and complicated nature, such as white-collar crimes. 

Contact us at (304) 262-9300 today. 

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